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A fourth generation Hawaii resident, Leslie Souza was born and raised
on the island of Oahu. Her appreciation for the islands beauty
is captured in her tropical metal art pieces.

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All of Leslie's pieces are signed originals.
Hand drawn, cut & painted by the artist. 

The Patinas used are translucent, changing hue and intensity of color with the lighting



Close up of Koi

Japanese Garden Exibit at South Coast Plaza Japanese Garden exhibit at South Coast Plaza


Koi Table

Hawaiian Ginger

Hawaiian Honu Sconce

Philodendron Sconce

21" x 13"

Heliconia Sconce

Bird of Paradise Sconce


Hawaiian Sea Turtles

Sea Turtles

Giant Bird of Paradise

Hibiscus Flowers



Bonsai Wall
Koi Wall


Bird of Paradise gate art
Tahiti Schooner
Bird of Paradise gate art
Tropical Fern
Bay Gate
Bamboo Gallery

Leslie specializes in creating a piece that is unique and fitting to your home or office.

Bamboo close up


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