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About the Artist
Leslie Souza

Growing up art was always my sanctuary,
an area in which I excelled. After moving to California
in the late 80’s my passion for art continued.
Everything really started moving when I began
fusing my drawing with various metals. Being the
tomboy/cowgirl type, durability was always a challenge
when choosing a medium. Metal, with its diversity in texture and color coupled with the translucent patinas
I paint with, is perfect.
As the position of lighting changes so does the
hue and intensity of the colors, giving incredible depth
that is unique to each piece. I truly appreciate that my
artwork has allowed me the opportunity to meet such a
variety of fascinating and incredible people. Something I
hope to continue for many more years.   

Leslie in Ramona
Leslie at home in Ramona
Leslie's great-grandfather
Joao Dias Souza (Johnny Waimea)

A fourth generation Hawaii resident I was born
and raised on the island of Oahu. A descendent of Portuguese
immigrants who settled on the big island, becoming
plantation workers & Paniolos (Hawaii Cowboys).
A life of hard work, getting dirty and an appreciation
for animals and the outdoors was their legacy to me.







Sunrise at Home


My studio is located
on a 40 acre ranch nestled
in the foothills of
San Diego County.
Surrounded by mountains
and wildlife,
inspiration is abundant.
From the howls of the coyotes,
to the bobcat I see
occassionally on
rainy mornings sleeping
in the hay barn.
To the cries of the
red tail hawks gracefully
flying overhead.
These are the things
that lift my spirit
and inspire me to capture
the true elegance of nature without disrupting
the true freedom of it.


Sunset at Home




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